Thursday, August 16, 2012

Evelyn Lozada naked

evelyn lozada

evelyn lozada naked

evelyn lozada naked

evelyn lozada
I just received this text message convo between reality TV personality Evelyn Lozada (“Basketball Wives”) and her representatives on April 17, the Saturday before her nude pics were leaked onto the Internet.

Don’t ask me how I got them, but the messages shows the sense of urgency that Evelyn Lozada must have felt when she found out the pics were about to be leaked.

Lozada is the ex-fiancée of broke NBA player Antoine Walker.

Judging from the text messages, at first her rep had his doubts that the leaks were not a publicity stunt. But Lozada’s profanity laced text responses must have assured him that it was 100% not a publicity stunt.

The nude pics, which Lozada sent to a male sex toy a few months ago, appeared on the Internet on Thursday (April 22) — 5 days after someone sent the pics to Lozada from her own email account. The hacking incident is under investigation by the feds since hacking is a federal offense.

According to a source Evelyn is not happy about any of this. She has a teenage daughter who is still in high school, and she worries about the effect the pics will have on her.

The source said, “[Evelyn] was freaked out because someone hacked into her email account and sent her her own pictures several times from various email accounts. Someone did this to her and even emailed them to her best friend and business partner the same night.”

Upon receiving the texts, I reached out to my source at VH1 who said the nude pics leak was not a publicity stunt orchestrated by them because it wouldn’t help her that much since “Basketball Wives” is a relatively new show and Lozada is not that well known yet.

According to my source at VH1, “Basketball Wives” has just been renewed for a second season and the cast members were given the great news this week!

My VH1 source offered me an opportunity to speak with Lozada last night to clear up any notions that the pics were a PR stunt. But I politely declined because it was so late and I didn’t know what questions to ask.

Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada were married just six weeks ago. Before hooking up with Chad Johnson, Evelyn Lozada dated former NBA star Antoine Walker for a decade. That relationship with Antoine Walker got Evelyn Lozada a spot on Basketball Wives, a reality show.

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