Friday, August 10, 2012

Veronica Belmont bikini

veronica belmont

veronica belmont

Thirty years ago, my client at Coleco, Barbara Wruck Belmont, called to tell me she was pregnant. “Guess what?” I said. “So am I.”

We both screamed in delight. Not only were we pregnant at the same time but we were also going to share a lifetime of experiences. The business relationship only lasted a few more years but our friendship is still going strong.

We both raised sensational looking daughters who turned out to be geeks. My daughter Whitney is very well known in the field of UX–User Experience–and Barbara’s daughter is the famous Internet personality, Veronica Belmont.

Barbara just emailed me from Hartford, CT, that Veronica Belmont just got engaged to long time boyfriend Ryan Block, Founder of gdgt. I am presently touring in Croatia but my thoughts bounced back 30 years ago when we made Whitney and Veronica hold hands for a photo op. As we snapped their picture we told our daughters we would all be friends forever.

I now have the pleasure of publicly wishing my dear friend Barbara a hearty congratulations and wishing the newly engaged couple the best of everything.

Eliot and I are thrilled for all of you.

For those who don’t know Veronica and Ryan, here are brief bios.

Veronica Belmont is a technology and gaming-centric video host based out of San Francisco. Currently her projects include Tekzilla (a weekly tech help and how-to show on, and The Sword and Laser, a science fiction and fantasy podcast and community, co-hosted with Tom Merritt. She has also written for Slate, DoubleX, MaximumPC and PC Gamer, and was the original host of Qore on the PlayStation Network.

Veronica initially made her mark as a producer and on-air talent for CNET Networks (now CBS Interactive). She worked on such shows as Buzz Out Loud, MP3 Insider, Crave, and Prizefight. In 2007 she left CNET to host the eclectic video show Mahalo Daily, which was named one of the top new podcasts in 2008 on iTunes.

Ryan Block is co-founder of gdgt, a consumer electronics media startup (funded by True Ventures, Spark Capital, and Betaworks, among others). He was also former editor / editor emeritus of Engadget, a web magazine and network of sites focused on obsessive coverage of consumer electronics and technology.

As a technology critic and commentator, he has been quoted by the BBC, Business Week, Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Times, and The Wall St. Journal. Ryan also appeared on such networks as the BBC, CNN, NPR, PRI, and G4. He was also named one of Forbes’s 2007 Web Celeb 25.

Veronica Belmont and Ryan Block may just define the idea of "Love 2.0." She's an on-screen tech wiz for Revision3's Tekzilla and a World of Warcraft expert, while he stays behind the camera lens and glued to his laptop to report on the latest and greatest gadgets for social network and tech-centric web app gdgt. There couldn't be a more perfect pairing for our geeky Valentine's Day series! Thankfully, Veronica and Ryan took a few moments out of their busy schedules to chat about love, gadgets, and how to keep it all connected despite their world travels during this installment of Geeks We Love. And seriously, can the photo get any better? I think not.

veronica belmont bikini

veronica belmont bikini

veronica belmont bikini

veronica belmont bikini

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